Deploy a Tor hidden service to Heroku in under a minute

Warren GuyWarren Guy
22 June 2015

Getting a Tor hidden service running doesn't have to be hard. I've just published an example Sinatra application demonstrating how to deploy a hidden service to Heroku (or Dokku, etc) in just a few lines. The app uses my ruby-hidden-service library with the multi and apt Heroku buildpacks to install and configure Tor. A deployed example is running at

Here are the complete steps required to deploy the sample app:

git clone
cd heroku-sinatra-hidden-service
heroku apps:create sinatra-hidden-service
heroku buildpacks:set
git push heroku

Running Tor within your app container in this way is likely somewhat insecure, in that your app has access to the private key. If that's a concern for you, you've been warned.

TAGS: SysAdmin, Tor, Projects, Cryptography, Security, Hidden Services, Heroku, Dokku

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