New DNS troubleshooting utility: Global DNS Tester

Warren GuyWarren Guy
15 August 2014
New DNS troubleshooting utility: Global DNS Tester

Helping a friend diagnose a DNS problem earlier, I stumbled across a huge list of public nameservers (more than 3,000 at present) at Inspired, I hacked together a simple script to query a random set of them and display the results.

So, I've just published a simple web based utility (URL at end of this post) for checking the A record of a hostname from a random set of global public nameservers. It allows you to query up to 100 servers at a time, either from all available global nameservers, or filtered by country. You might find it useful for diagnosing DNS propagation delays, nameserver connectivity issues, geotargeted DNS, and more. The nameserver list is updated about once an hour. I may release the source code at a later time, if I get around to cleaning it up a bit.

Check out the Global DNS Tester ( I hope you find it useful!

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