Warning! This content is very old and almost definitely out of date.

Browsing SMB shares in Xubuntu with fusesmb

These instructions are specifically for Xubuntu (Fiesty), however could be achieved by similar (or identical) means in later versions of Xubuntu, as well as Kubuntu and Ubuntu.


  1. Enable SMB file sharing

    *   Applications -> System -> Shared Folders
    *   Set your Domain/Workgroup in the _General Properties_ tab
  2. Install fusesmb

sudo apt-get install fusesmb
  1. Make sure fusesmb install added fuse to the list of modules in /etc/modules

  2. Make sure fusesmb module is loaded, if not, reboot

lsmod |grep fuse
  1. Create a directory for mounting the network, ie /media/network
sudo mkdir /media/network
  1. Set ownership and permissions on /media/network

    sudo chown <username>:fuse /media/network
    sudo chmod 777 /media/network

  2. Enable use of fuse filesystems for your user (see screenshot)

    • (User Privileges tab in "Users and Groups" admin for your user)
  3. Add your user/password information for required hosts to ~/.smb/fusesmb.conf as per the following


  4. I also add showhiddenshares=true to this section

  5. Add fusesmb to your auto-started applications (Applications -> Settings -> Autostarted Applications)

    • Name: fusesmb

    • Command: fusesmb /media/network

  6. Log out and log back in, or restart

  7. I also like to add it to the shortcuts/"places" pane of Thunar by dragging the folder on to the pane from within Thunar