Some stuff I've made.

BTC Watch — Bitcoin address monitoring

Get instant email notifications of transactions, and confirmations of transactions, on any Bitcoin address.

Global DNS Tester

Web based utility for checking DNS records for a hostname or IP address from a set of more than 80,000 public nameservers. Query up to 100 servers at a time, optionally filtering by country.

PGP word list converter

Convert hexadecimal byte values to and from human words using the PGP word list. This can be useful for verifying PGP, GPG, OTR, SSL (or other cryptographic) fingerprints read aloud.

Planet SysAdmin

I maintain Planet SysAdmin, an aggregator of System Administration related blogs.

Tarsnap binary package repository for Debian

Unofficial binary packages of Tarsnap for Debian. Available for i386 and amd64 architectures on sid, wheezy, and squeeze.

My projects on Github